Ace Tennis Bag - Don't Let Your Gear Interfere Don't let your gear interfere

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The Ace tennis bag was conceived out of need. In spring 2008, Aner Fust, the creator of the Ace tennis bag, quit his job to do, well, he was not sure what. Having free time and a passion for playing tennis he frequently started visiting the tennis courts at Central Park, NYC. He also upgraded his gear and his tennis racquet which included a free plastic cover. Understandably, he was thrilled.

However, frustration set in few weeks later. Not with tennis, not with his game (well, maybe to some extent with his game), but mainly with the lack of a suitable bag for a day at the court. The free plastic cover was absolutely useless for anything but the racquet. He wanted a compact bag that could hold all his tennis gear, his cell phone, wallet, keys and occasionally even a newspaper, or maybe even a few energy bars and a bottle of water. In addition, since he was living in a small NYC apartment, he neither wanted nor needed a bag that would take up half the space of the living room. The pro bags were not for him, and his search for a compact bag was of no avail.

Hence, he decided to fill the gap. The aim for the Ace tennis bag was straight-forward: create a functional, comfortable and stylish bag for the recreational tennis player. With the help of an experienced bag designer he worked to refine the design of the bag until it met the three criteria. While pros are welcome to use the bag, the bag will primarily appeal to anyone seeking a unique, durable and high quality product to carry their day-to-day tennis gear through many trips to the tennis court and back.


Tennis is a fun, hard, and at times, frustrating game. The Ace bag was conceived with tennis players in mind, and provides a solution for their unique needs. The bag's motto was a natural evolution: Don't let your gear interfere! So, now you can solely concentrate on your strokes, and enjoy your game even more. Who serves first?